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Our Group: Anga Capoeira 

The ANGÁ Capoeira group was formed on December 16, 2017, by Mestre Maxuel and his students. Its objective is to support the development of members through the creation of new projects through a collective organization. It is present in Brazil, Chile, Guyana, France, the United States, Kuwait, England, Mozambique, Canada, Angola, and Peru. The Angá Capoeira group is affiliated with ECCAGE Escola Cultural Capoeira Gerais and Capoeira Sul da Bahia.

The word ' ANGÁ comes from Tupi-Guarani, the most common indigenous language in Brazil, thus reminding us of the Brazilian roots of Capoeira. And an expression of pleasant surprise (oh good!) but it also means shelter and soul.

For us, ANGÁ represents the pleasure of playing Capoeira and the PLEASANT SURPRISE of overcoming yourself at every stage of our life as a Capoeirista. What we never imagined achieving, we can achieve with effort, humility and dedication.

Also Houses the entire plurality of Capoeira: we seek to build a welcoming community in which everyone feels at home, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, religion or social class. Likewise, it reflects the plurality of Capoeira as an art. It distinguishes itself from any other activity by the fact that it combines aspects of fighting, dance, music, acrobatics and tradition.


Within this wealth, it also has several facets, with Angola and Regional styles, as well as Puxada de Rede, Maculelê and Samba de Roda. The capoeirista is a fighter, an artist, a musician, a historian, and an athlete.


Finally, having a Soule Capoeirista means for us to be people of integrity who are guided by a series of fundamental values: Solidarity, Friendship, Diversity and Tolerance, Transparency, Humility, Dedication, Discipline and Respect.


The ANGÁ Capoeira group was founded by Mestre Maxuel and is present in Brazil, Chile, France, England, Angola, Mozambique, Canadá the United States, Peru, Guyana and Kuwait. The Angá Capoeira group is affiliated with Capoeira Sul da Bahia.


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