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 Master Railson's Capoeira journey began in 1978 in Arraial d'Ajuda. He discovered Capoeira at the age of 11. Railson had never heard of Capoeira, but he immediately decided to learn and train with Master Estrela, born in Canavieiras, who gave courses close by in Porto Seguro. After some time the Academy there closed and Railson had to train alone while teaching those willing to learn.


They trained early in the morning before going to work. He and his friends decided to improve the conditions in which they practiced this art: they built an enclosed space to train when it rained during their rest days, over twenty years ago. This became the "Capoeira Sul da Bahia Cultural Centre," an academy of Afro-Brazilian traditions linked by rhythm and contagious joy as embodied by Capoeira. 


In 1986, while visiting Capoeira academies in Belo Horizonte, he met William Douglas Guimaraes, better known as Mao Branca. He passed through all the levels required to become Master of Capoeira in 1995 and in 1998 built his second Academy in Porto Seguro. He received the Master's belt, 2nd degree in 2005.


He also conducts important social work in the community.


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